– Teams must have 10 players registered, 2 weeks prior to the competition, to be included in the draw

– There will be no refunds for teams that do not have a full team at time of registrations closing

  • Refunds will only be given for exceptional circumstances such as: a prolonged injury occurring since registration, with medical certificate provided or Camden Cobras changes competition days after registration and players are not available for the new day.


– From the 2022 Summer season, a team may have no more than 4 rep players. (Any rep player that has played State Cup or Nationals in the last 2 years)

  • Any team found to be in breach of this rule, we be moved to the correct division and stripped of any points accrued
If you wish to play more than 4, you must move up to the next age division, note we go up by 2’s.
e.g 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16’s, so 11’s would play 14’s


– Shorts must have the official Oztag logo

– All teams must have their team shirts by Rd 4 or a try will be awarded to the opposing team for each player out of uniform

– All shirts must be the same with individualised numbers to distinguish each player

– Shirt numbers must be entered into software for each player prior to Rd 1

#Teams will receive a forfeit (or further penalties) if breaking any of the following rules:

No fill-ins are to play in teams at any time

No unregistered players are to play or fill-in at any time

No players are permitted to play in a younger age group

Unsportsmanlike conduct towards any other players, officials or spectators

COVID requirements:

– players and officials only to be in between fields

– All players must sign on before every game

– spectators must adhere to 1.5m distancing